Gtk+ Wireless Signal Meter Widget


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9/4/2003 8:13PM

I cleaned up some things so I decided it was time to make another release. check it out

7/15/2003 2:56AM

First release version 0.1, this widget is useful if you'd like to build an applicaiton that displays the status of a wireless network connection. Check out the screen shots
GtkwSigMeter has the following features:

  • No dependency on /proc/net/wireless, this makes it very efficient and fast
  • Visual controls, developers can control what information is displayed

Things I'd like to see added:
  • Convert build system to autotools and port this code to windows
  • Develop a better understanding of how wireless works so that this widget can be used for other protocols besides 802.11
  • Fill in missing wireless features such as power managedment
  • Long term add functionality to modify the wireless device settings
if you find any bugs let me know at: taf2 at